Welcome to the Pearl that lights up the Pacific

Guayaquil city brand was born from the need to situate our city locally and internationally, to promote tourism, entrepreneurship , international investments and the creation of the Guayaquil Film Commission.

Managed by Épico, city brand seeks to represent the Guayaquil's identity and be a seal of pride for Guayaquil citizens, it also provides benefits and a new perspective city promotion abroad.

Guayaquil invites to dream big

The Brand

Above all the attributes that can highlight us as a city, there is one that among all Guayaquil residents we feel very much our own, we are the Pearl of the Pacific.

We are known by this name thanks to our geographic port location, and within this term we can also talk about our climate, the warmth of our people, our gastronomy and the nature that surrounds us.

Locally, we are all proud to say that Guayaquil is the Pearl of the Pacific.

To represent conceptual idea devised for the brand, a typeface was developed as the main graphic resource.

A pearl can be represented with a circle, a basic element in this case, it was used to create a complete font family.

With the creation of a font, we'll give the citizens the possibility to use it for free, it's a font for the people and not only for the city usage.


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